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Partner with us through Sponsorships & Donations

This Conference is only possible because of generous people and businesses like you! Your tax-deductible sponsorship and donation help fund the venue, speakers, musicians and the behind the scenes administration that Registration Fees doesn't cover. If you would like to bless the women in our community and become a IWMN Sponsor, please complete form below or contact us directly.

Become a Sponsor | Donate Now

Thank You to our Sponsors! We are so blessed by your generosity and support of IWMN.

We would not be able to offer such a life changing and meaningful conference without the generous support of our sponsors. Each one of these sponsors has blessed all of our guests by making a donation.

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The Wallace and Wallace Healing Center (WWHC) is a faith-based holistic healing center that incorporates clinical mental health services and clinical aromatherapy services to help you alleviate stress and pursue optimal wellness.

Wallace and Wallace Healing Center: Where we encourage you toward mental and relational health, emotional wellness, physical soundness and spiritual wholeness.


Kubernesis [koo-ber'-nay-sis], An Administrative Consultant and Training Firm that is geared toward assisting Christian ministries, churches, organizations, and Christian owned businesses.

We provide Executive-level administrative support services helping ministries and their leaders who are in need of Administrative assistance.  Kubernesis is a goal-oriented, administrative profession formalized to meet the needs of ministries and organizations as well as the needs of any driven Christian who could use great administrative support.


Your Name or Organization could be here - Will you be a Sponsor?

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Women are the fabric that holds families and communities together.  We have been fearfully and wonderfully made; crafted by a loving God, who provided each of us with spectacular sets of attributes, skills and talents that compose the fabric of our lives. We are much like beautiful and delicate natural fabrics in how we live, move, breathe, and grow.  This ministry allows for ministry to the heart of women through partnerships and events meeting women from the Streets to the Board Room.

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