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Next Steps

We are a Ministry that supports you all year long. Get exclusive access to quarterly discussions, andTo encourage you in your daily walk with the Lord and to give you action steps in your pursuit of MORE of Christ, we have created a list of Next Steps. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by the list of possibilities but instead be encouraged that there are so many ways to have MORE of Christ and less of ourselves. Luke 11:13 says, “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.”



Join a Healing Community

The Network meeting is  a space where  women leaders come together monthly, for encouragement, share about struggles that we may have, even as leaders (who often feel like others look to us, and expect leaders to somehow never have problems). But at the Network, we are encouraged to be honest about hard stuff, as well as empowered to be the women leaders that God has called us to be. There, we also have the opportunity to network and are provided appropriate venues to minister, teach, and/or preach as God calls us. Please contact us for an IWMN monthly meeting near you or get one started!


Healing for Damaged Emotions

Healing for Damaged Emotions is a 14-15 week Book Study that encourages leaders to explore in honest depth painful memories of the past in order to allow God to bring healing in those tough areas.  This Recovery Workbook approach  focuses on recovering from the memories that cause our pain.


Healing Prayer Times are a big part of these times as well, and this may be done with a one-on-one IWMN Ministry Leader or in a group setting.

Do you have a desire to effectively help other women and friends through their emotional pain? Join other leaders in this exciting training session based on the Healing for Damaged  Emotions Workbook.  If you are interested in becoming trained in order to help another struggling sister in this area of emotional healing, through our next HDE Training, contact us here.

There is an Investment Fee to attend this Training. Sessions will be held via Zoom according to participants' availability. 

Questions? For detail inquiries, email



Prayer Journal Prompt

God longs to commune with us daily. Here is a sample Journal Prompt.

Good morning, Lord! Thank you so much for ____________


Gratitude is the best way to start your day. Sometimes you may not wake up in a good mood, but choosing to be grateful first thing in the morning can change the whole course of your day.

It affects your mood and your perspective throughout the day, but most importantly, it affects your heart.

All gratitude matters.

The more you look for blessings, the more you will find were there the whole time.

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