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International Women's Ministry Network

Made Whole to Lead

Our vision is to see women healed from emotional hardship, sexual brokenness and restored to wholeness by the power of Christ in a solid and caring network to which they can belong to and grow in their leadership. We are made whole to lead. International Women's Ministry Network city teams (community)  meets monthly to that end, engages in community outreach to meet with new women throughout the cities who may have never heard before of the Gospel, and/or struggling women leaders.  We meet one on one with women weekly, teach seminars monthly and annually host a spiritual healing retreat each spring and an emotionally empowering conference each summer or fall. To join or start an IWMN community, contact us here. To learn more about the International Women's Ministry Network click here.

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Creating Healing Communities among women globally.


 to see 



 emotional pain





by the power & LOVE of CHRIST

in a solid and caring 


to which they can belong to and grow in their



We are made WHOLE

to LEAD.

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